Honda cars will be expensive next month !

By | July 5, 2021

Honda cars will be expensive next month !


Honda cars will be expensive next month ! : we talk about Honda cars will be expensive next month in this post. Automobile company Honda is going to increase the prices of all its cars in India next month. A senior company officer said that, this is being done due to the rise in the prices of steel and precious metals. The company sells several models in the country including Honda City and Honda Amaze. By how much will the price of the vehicles increase now? This is being considered.

Rajesh Goyal said that the prices of steel, aluminum and metals have increased. This is affecting our cost of production. He said that the company is considering how much the price will increase. Cars will become expensive from August.

Rajesh Goyal said that our target is to keep the cost of procurement low. We are looking at what part of the additional cost should be borne by ourselves. How much to put on the shoulders of the customers. Honda sells Amaze, WR-V, City and Jazz in India. The company’s City and Amaze are quite popular.

The country’s largest car company Maruti Suzuki has increased the prices of its cars from July 1. This year the company has already increased the price twice. Maruti had increased the prices of cars in January and April. So far, the company has increased the price up to Rs 35,000. Going forward, it seems that the prices of all the cars are going to increase.

All the car companies say that the prices of steel are also increasing, and other prices have also increased, so the price of the car has to be increased,

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