North Carolina, Virginia rocked by the Most Effective earthquake in the Area since 1916

By | August 10, 2020

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake was the most powerful to rock the area as a magnitude 5.2 quake in 1916. Sunday’s temblor, that struck 8:07 a.m., was based only north of Sparta, North Carolina, about 100 kilometers north of Charlotte.

“It felt just like a large locomotive heading by and a large wave coming beneath the mattress,” Sparta Mayor Wes Brinegar told CNN. “A major wave coming to raise you. … I have lived here my entire life and haven’t believed anything like this”

Brinegar reported some foundations seemingly cracked and novels were knocked off shelves.

“I felt that the sofa transfer and then all of a sudden it only shook the entire house for four or five minutes, though in the time it felt as though it had been much more,” Hooper said. “I believed it was a tree falling”

The quake shook residents from the beds and brought a bunch to social websites.

“OMG!!! Our entire house shook!!!” tweeted DJHiPrayzeRadio. “We’re fine. There’s not any harm that we may detect!!!”

Bill Griesmyer, a scientist at Charlotte, said the quake was strong enough to push people from their houses.

“Not a huge one but left the home and attracted out the neighbors in their lawns to find out what occurred,” he explained.

Back in Atlanta, Aisha Howard tweeted that”I understand I have been awake because 430am but I am pretty sure my flat only awakened in midtown ATL. I May Need to have some rest”

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