Alexander Volkanovski Defeats Max Holloway to Keep UFC featherweight title at UFC 251

By | July 12, 2020

Alexander Volkanovski desired to complete Max Holloway within their featherweight title rematch in UFC 251 on Sunday morning, to establish beyond a doubt he’s the greater of both. Instead, the next meeting was shown to be much nearer than the original — but finally, Volkanovski maintained that the name through the split decision.

The final scores represented how near the 145-pound championship bout was. ESPN also scored the struggle 48-47 for Holloway.

Volkanovski, of Australia, desired a finish from the rematch, to quiet any observers who sensed his initial triumph from Holloway, in December, was shut. In the long run, Volkanovski was not able to accomplish this, but he stated he was delighted with the outcome.

“I managed to control some; naturally, he won some rounds, too. Charge to him. He is durable. I believed that I could take him from the struggle, but we ready for the worst. I needed to finish him but we have the job done”

Holloway, 28, appeared to capture control early, as he fell Volkanovski at first and second rounds. Volkanovski recovered fast on both events.

Momentum began to change from the third party. Volkanovski continued to stand up leg yells — a large theme from the very first fight — and started to locate a house more frequently with his jab and left hook. He scored takedowns late at the struggle and remained consistent with his jab and leg kicks.

“It was a difficult struggle. He stood there and did not have a backward step,” Volkanovski stated of Holloway. “He made it hard for me at the prior rounds; I did not utilize the kicks as far as I’d have liked, but I have the work done. That is the principal thing. I understood it had been two rounds going to that last around. I needed to win that round. I desired a finish. He went for the end.

“I won the choice, and that is what counts.”

Volkanovski said using a brief camp to get ready for the struggle was tough but he understood Holloway was coping with precisely the very same conditions.

“We had brief camps, therefore no explanations,” Volkanovski explained. “He made some great adjustments, so it took me some time to get used to this.

“I got there in the end. The first two rounds were demanding, but I came away with the previous three. I needed to use all my tools in this battle. It only shows you exactly what kind of fighter Max Holloway is.”

Holloway, of Hawai’i, was considered among the very best pound-for-pound fighters in the world not long past, but he’s lost three of the previous four contests.

Volkanovski stated he hopes that he is not finished fighting this season.

“I certainly need to have another struggle in [before the close of the year]. I would like to keep busy,” he explained. “I am one of those winners who’s pursuing the contenders. We have got plenty of men in the branch that are going to fight one another, and I am eyeing each one of these. I would like to produce defenses and choose out No. 1 contenders. That is exactly what I need to do.”

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