Robert De Niro’s Attorney Claims That the Celebrity’s finances have been Destroyed by the coronavirus

By | July 11, 2020

Robert De Niro’s lawyers said that the celebrity’s funds have taken a massive hit over the span of this coronavirus pandemic.

The actor is fighting a divorce case against Grace Hightower, his ex-wife that he had been with for 21 decades, in Manhatten Supreme Court.

De Niro appeared through Skype in an emergency hearing that was called after De Niro cut Hightower’s American Express charge card limit from $100,000 to $50,000 per month.

But, De Niro’s attorney, Caroline Krauss, allegedly informed the judge that De Niro had been forced to make this cut Hightower’s charge card limit since his financing has been badly affected by the pandemic.

Krauss advised the judge that Nobu and The Greenwich Hotel, the restaurant chain and resort which De Niro possesses, have been severely hit by the pandemic since they’ve been closed or partly closed for weeks with next to no earnings.

Krauss reported that Nobu dropped $3 million in April and a further $1.87 million in May, while De Niro has been forced to borrow cash by business partners to pay investors $500,000 to a funding call” since he does not have the money,” according to this New York Post.

“His report and company director… states that the ideal situation for Mr. De Niro, when all begins to turn around this season… he will be fortunate if he earns $7.5 million annually,” Krauss told the judge, according to the Daily Mail.

Krauss reported the 2004 prenuptial agreement between De Niro and Hightower signifies that De Niro is just required to cover $1 million per year to Hightower provided that he’s earning at least $15 million annually. The provisions, Krauss said, say that when his income drops, hers will fall also.
Krauss reported that the cash De Niro has made from this past year’s”The Irishman” has mostly already been paid, meaning that he will just receive $2.5 million annually.

“These people, regardless of his strong earnings, have spent more than he’s earned this 76-year-old robust guy could not retire if he wanted to because he can not afford to keep up with his lifestyle expenditure,” Krauss told that the judge, according to Page Six.

In reaction, Page Six reported that Hightower’s attorney, Kevin McDonough, told the judge: “Mr. De Niro has employed the COVID pandemic, my words are, to adhere it to his spouse financially.
“I am not a believer that a guy with a confessed worth of $500 million and earns $30 million annually, all of a sudden in March that he wants to cut [spousal support] by 50% and prohibit her from the home.”

McDonough explained that”the concept that Mr. De Niro is trimming his belt is crap.”

The judge issued a temporary ruling the credit card limit is retained at $50,000 per month, but De Niro pays Hightower a $75,000 lump sum so that she could get a summer house for her and their two kids, while De Niro remains in his compound along with his other 3 kids.

They formally split in 2018.

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