Pogba: Manchester United Expecting to win FA Cup, Europa League

By | July 10, 2020

Paul Pogba and Manchester United are cruising through games and sending a message into the Premier League.

The Red Devils acquired by three-or-more targets for its fourth-straight game, something which has not been achieved in the background of the PL and moved over a stage of fourth-place as a result of a 3-0 demolition of Aston Villa at Villa Park on Thursday.

Injured for the majority of the year, Pogba scored his first objective of the year in the triumph. He has been appearing enormous from the midfield since coming out of the coronavirus pause and has triggered hope he’ll sign a new long term bargain with United.

Pogba was asked how he is feeling about his time at Old Trafford and at which it may operate:

“Right now I have been hurt for a lengthy time,” Pogba explained. “I concentrated on myself to return and help the team as far as I can. This year I’ve got two aims, to go for the Europa League and the FA Cup therefore that we concentrate on this.”

United confronts Chelsea in the FA Cup semifinal and contains a single foot, well, the majority of its body at the Europa League quarterfinals.

The Frenchman says it is great the Red Devils are playing in addition to they’ve been, but he is not getting carried away with accolades.

“We did not win the Premier League,” he explained. “That is the objective. We did not win anything this season so clearly we must keep working. There is a whole lot to do.”

Pogba believes United can attain all their season goals no matter what the best four chasers perform but cautioned that the Red Devils can’t dismiss their bad start to Thursday’s triumph.

We must play not just like we did the first 15 minutes but the way we completed the match.”

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