Celebrity Astrologer Walter Mercado Wanted Timothée Chalamet to Perform in His Biopic, Say’Mucho Mucho Amor’ Filmmakers

By | July 9, 2020

The co-directors and manufacturer of a new Netflix documentary about the life span of iconic tv astrologer Walter Mercado are expecting to accommodate the movie to a scripted biopic.

Cristina Costantini, who headed”Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado” with Kareem Tabsch, informs Variety they requested Mercado who he wished to play with him. “We said, ‘Well, that would you have play you?’ And he said, ‘Who’s that boy out of”Call Me by Your Title? And he said,’Yes, this could be a fantastic prospect for him’ I simply love he chose this kid.”

Producer Alex Fumero stated, laughing, “There may be some representation difficulties but Walter will always pick youth and attractiveness over anything else, such as Latino representation.”

Mercado’s career started in 1969 when he started reading horoscopes on tv in his native Puerto Rico. He became a global phenomenon, known as much for his astrology reveals as he had been for his coiffed appearance and Liberace-like apparel of vibrant suits and jewelry and trademark crystal-bedecked capes.

While you might assume that he was homosexual, it was not something Mercado ever spoke. He had been an open book with all the filmmakers, but with it arrived into his intimate life. “He did not enjoy the tags and that he did not sort of adopting them in any specific manner,” Tabsch explained. “However, he had been a queer icon. In the event that you were a Latino, Latin American, such as myself as a young queer child watching for the very first time, I realized that feeling of otherness in him which I saw me. I had been a not as fabulous edition, but I could tell that he was different in a manner I was different. And when there was a possibility he was loved in the Latino community being different, like a young queer individual, perhaps I too may be adored.”

He concurred after they informed him of their astrological signs.

By then, Mercado’s lifetime in the spotlight has been gone. His profession stumbled through a seven-year legal conflict that started in 2006 within the rights to his name and likeness with his former supervisor Bill Bakula.

“He is our Mr. Rogers and our Oprah and also our Liberace all united into a single,” Costantini said. “I believe on a particular degree we were shocked he agreed to do this movie. However he badly wanted to become a public man, so badly desired attention and wished to create this his comeback. We believed it was going to be a comeback but it was a swan song, naturally. He actually loved the lights and the camera. He even gave him life.”

“Mucho Mucho Amor” contains footage of a teary-eyed Lin Manuel Miranda assembly Mercado for the first time in a trip to Puerto Rico, where Mercado lived out San Juan. “He had that fangirl moment we all had,” Costantini said. “Walter has a very profound impact on people. It is difficult to describe it in case you have not gone through it, however how he rolls your hands, how he makes you feel as though you’re the most important man on the planet, it’s spiritual. Lingoes throughout it.

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