We are in a position to attain CARATs together with our love however far off they are.” SEVENTEEN launch new record,; [Semicolon] — tune in to

The next specific album of SEVENTEEN is all about sending a positive message to the younger generation, allowing them to”take a rest and reside from the childhood”. The 6-track record contains the lead single,’HOME;’ RUN’, in addition to unit monitors, ‘Do Re Mi’,”HEY BUDDY’,”Light a Flame’,”AH! LOVE’,’ and’My Love’. Familiar names show up in the song credits, such as Woozi co-wrote and co-composed all of the paths on the album alongside Vernon, Seungkwan, S.Coups, and The Vernon, who contributed to additional tracks.

In an internet Q&A session, Vernon guarantees fans he feels”enthusiastic and pleased to reunite with the distinctive record” and thanked everyone for their support and love.

Seungkwan adds,”I engaged in the album-making procedure filled with excitement and joy with our associates, and I hope our lively energy can be delivered to people who listen to our tunes.”

Since the record is about living in the moment and enjoying our childhood, Jeonghan drives the message home because he states,”With the punctuation’Semicolon,’ we need this record to provide a concept of taking a minute to get a short breath into the young generation who conduct restlessly.”

The wide array of genres — swing-based genre, retro-funk, Latin Bossa Nova, etc.. exemplified from the record was to”signify childhood in a variety of productions” based on Woozi’s interpretation.

When asked regarding the direct only ‘HOME;RUN’, and also the significance of it, Wonwoo expects the tune that contains messages of”enthusiastic sentiments of childhood” and”a short pause and second to take a breath,” could send words of encouragement and comfort for their lovers.

The very first time SEVENTEEN listened into the title track, S.Coups believed it best reflected the colors of SEVENTEEN, whilst DK gave a heartening response,”Much like the name’HOME;RUN’, I believed that we are in a position to attain CARATs (lovers of SEVENTEEN)together with our love however far off they are.”

As all of them have played a very considerable role in creating the record, Hoshi wants the lovers can”enjoy our amazing music and amazing performances” while they continue to work hard, older, and develop their craft.

The multi-genre record has its own distinctive personality that borrows a charm of its own, and The 8 is sure that lovers will”notice unique sorts of charms given that the distinctive album contains stories about childhood with retro theories expressed by another mixture of unit groups”. Mingyu proclaims proudly that SEVENTEEN is obviously up for a new challenge, therefore that he considers that listeners will surely recognise that by the freshly-dropped album.

In a message to thank their cherished CARATs for all their love and service, Joshua states,”To all our CARATs who always support us, we’ll never forget your love and will do our very best to become musicians that constantly produce amazing performances and fantastic music.” JUN and DINO reiterate and include that they’ll work much more difficult and do their very best to make unforgettable, joyful memories for lovers.

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